Over the Moon, Sonoma magazine
Feature article on Repris Wines and Moon Mountain Vineyard for Sonoma magazine
Winter 2012

If you’ve spent any time around Sonoma or Napa, you’ve undoubtedly been told you can see San Francisco from such and such location. And you’ve maybe hiked up to such and such location and squinted into the distance, straining to make out the metropolis across the bay. Just as likely, you probably saw nothing and schlepped down some or the other hillside in disappointment. A visit to Repris Winery’s Moon Mountain Vineyard, high above the city of Sonoma, is unlikely to end in any such disappointment, and not just because when you squint from its highest elevations you’ll maybe discern the arches of the Golden Gate Bridge in the distance; not merely because the perch affords you an overview of nearly the whole southern end of Sonoma Valley with Petaluma and Marin past it and of the near fantasy spectacle of the Moon Mountain Vineyard itself tapering into the winery’s spires — but because in the midst of all this splendor you’re also quite likely sipping the fruits of this rejuvenating landscape.

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