Stephen Colbert profile for MEDIA magazine

Article in MEDIA magazine, February 2008 “Media Person of the Year” issue

The Whole Truthiness: Has the fake nightly news opened up a surrealistic media realm?

Who knows who Stephen Colbert really is? Who really cares? Certainly not Colbert himself. He was once a kid from Charleston, S.C., who grew up Irish-Catholic and graduated from Northwestern University with artistic pretensions. He is now such a muddle of refracted irony — a paradox of self-reference and false sincerity — and the work of teams of writers, that the actor has disappeared completely into the surrealistic world he’s created.
The fake anchor characters of Jon Stewart (and Craig Kilborn before him) who delivered the news with a wry smile and a bit of snark were only the beginning. It was just the same old comedians with a wink and smirk. That had been done on SNL‘s “Weekend Update” since before Chevy Chase could pull off a convincing pratfall, anyway. Colbert has gone whole hog.Read more …

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